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Klimt Inspired

Inspired by warm Colours and texture of Klimt, Siobhan skillfully works them into her latest collection.

This group of paintings, adorned with 24 carat gold, tell a passionate tale of our modern relationships; be that with humans, animals or technology.

Siobhans Paintings have historically interwoven strong narrative with her symbolic imagery, to create an original and emotive style.


'Sunflower Dreamer' by Siobhan Purdy'Sleepover' by Siobhan Purdy'Healing' by Siobhan Purdy
'Soul Skin' by Siobhan Purdy'Music Box' by Siobhan Purdy'Dog on ones head' by Siobhan Purdy
'Song Bird' by Siobhan Purdy'Life Cycle' by Siobhan Purdy'Deer Girl' by Siobhan Purdy